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new release

coming soon

A new book of the Asgodom TrainingGroup with a chapter by Elizabeth (Liz) Howard will be released in September 2010.

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recently RELEASEd

Stimme deine Stimme - Tune your Voice

Vol. 1 of my new audio book "Stimme deine Stimme" (engl. Tune your Voice) was released on 23 September 2008.

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Coaching with Liz

The sound of your voice can touch a soul!

Coaching with SKR - Studien-Kontakt-Reisen

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What is Soulfood?

Soulfood refers to the traditional cuisine of African Americans in the Southern States. The dishes are simple and nutritious; not exactly low-calorie, but they sure do nurture the soul!

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Seminars. Workshops. Coaching. Keynote.

Motivational Speaker, Trainer and Coach Elizabeth (Liz) Howard’s SoulFood recipes offer high-energy fare for all those who depend on their very own trademark sound instrument at work: their voice. Her inspirational workshops offering a world of sounds bring a whole new dimension to the European training scene.

Voice coaching: your own unique sound for a powerful performance!

Liz Howard uses targeted vocal, breathing and physical exercises that will let every voice flourish. At the same time she shows how to radiate harmony using your vocal power. It will boost your confidence, unleash your vocal creativity, energize your life and so give you new success at work and at home.

Recipe for success: Come right out with it! But mind you strike the right note.

Whether for lectures, presentations, negotiations, leadership tasks or team building, her wealth of tips and tricks from 30 years’ experience on stage make an ideal preparation for your working practice: stage fright turns into calm composure, insecurity into the ability to hold your own, an undeveloped voice that may be hiding away just waiting to come out takes on a whole new resonance, putting you on the career fast track, and mumbling becomes the chest note of deep conviction. You can be sure to hit just the right note. After all: it is your voice that sets the tone.

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